Baby Steps

July 8, 2010

Some companies have been blogging for a long time now, and of course, some companies have been on Facebook too. Recently, even more have jumped onto the social media bandwagon and have started tweeting!

So is this what’s happening with Sa Sa Malaysia too? That we’re swaying and rolling with the crowds and jumping into whatever everyone else’s jumping into?


We have been exploring our options on how we can serve you better, on how we can listen to you better, and how we can communicate and connect with you better. Short of serving you tea and having knee-to-knee talks at our stores, we think the Internet is actually a fabulous platform for us to start^^

Many of you want to know about the companies that you’re buying from, to read about the brands and products that you’re keen to try, right? So one of the best ways for us to share more information with you is through the use of all these spanking new social media tools.

For a start, we’re taking baby steps to slowly, but surely, build connections with all of you^^ We will start blogging to bring information to you more quickly, and you can also find Sa Sa Malaysia on FACEBOOK as well as TWITTER. We will be launching new features and introducing exclusive online promotions as we go along.

Meanwhile, got any great ideas on how we can serve you better? Just holler, ya?

Yours in PINK,
The Shiny Happy Peeps

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