the full works on that tea session!

August 11, 2010

Whoa, it’s already midweek! How time flies! It’s already been days since we held our very first bloggers’ tea session last Friday. Before memories of that pinky event fade away, let us just recount the fun moments, shall we?

This is mainly gonna be a picture diary of sorts, so ready…? Here we go!

Let’s start with the pink invite… Not sure about you, but we think different colours can evoke different emotions within us. Interestingly, research has shown that red brings out aggression and anger in us, whilst blue instills a sense of calmness and serenity. So some ingenious people have put this knowledge to good(?) use in the sports arena by putting their team in a locker room with red walls and putting their opponents in a locker room with blue walls!

What about pink you might be wondering… Well, with pink, you just can’t help but get all soft and serene and… yea, happy. It makes us smile, we hope it has that same effect on you too^^

When we arrived at the venue, Delicious at Marc Residence, we took the time to snap some pictures before rolling up our sleeves to prepare for the event.

Here, the signage near the road.

This is what will greet you as you walk towards Delicious. This cool place has got full-length glass all over, and boasts of both indoor as well as alfresco dining. We really like the contemporary look and feel of the place. The clever use of space, the mostly white deco, the glassy and breezy concept lend a very modern feel not unlike an oasis of greenery amidst the chaos of the city.

Let’s go in, shall we?

Yea, we’d arranged for the exclusive use of the indoors seating area for our event. Nice, ya?

Sharing some BTS (behind-the-scene) pictures with you. Yea, behind every fun event is a hardworking team!  Some were busy helping to sort out the goodie bags.

Some were setting up the Experience Zone, whilst others were checking the standees and other collaterals.

Even the seating arrangements had to be checked and some last-minute details attended to.

The registration table.

We’d also prepared pink(!) stickers for the bloggers to write their names on so that it’s easier for everyone to remember everyone’s name. we sooooo…. love pink, we sooooo….. love Sa Sa!

We found ourselves with a teeny weeny bit of time and decided to take pics of the contents of the goodie bags. Here, have a look!

The team-in-charge of the goodie bags was very considerate and really paid attention to details. They’d gone through the list of invitees and prepared slightly different items for the guys and the gals!

Since there’s still some time, we also took pics of the Experience Zone. This was thoughtfully set up for the bloggers who arrived earlier to browse around and familiarize themselves with some of the bestsellers at our Sa Sa stores. The product manager and trainer were also on standby in case our guests had any queries. Of course, our guests were also more than welcomed to ‘play’ with the products. Remember? It’s called the ‘EXPERIENCE’ zone^^

It was inching closer and closer to the event time. We looked out through those full-length glass and shook our heads at the traffic jam right at our ‘doorstep’…. yea, typical Friday afternoon jam in the city. We would almost hear one another’s silent prayers that all our invitees would turn up and turn up on time!

Guess Lady Luck’s sitting on our shoulders that day, and a few of the bloggers showed up early and that allayed some of the anxiety. Thanks, gals and guys!

We really really really love how our guests showed up with splashes and dashes of pink! In fact, some were so pink we were tickled pink… and we mean that in a good way, of course!

Even the guys made an effort, see? *winks at John*

Oh, we think one of our own staff deserves a very special mention! Seems like pink-coloured clothes isn’t exactly a staple item in a guy’s wardrobe, so he went creative and did this^o^

That’s so random and wacky… we loved it!

Then we noticed something rather ‘strange’…. The theme’s pink, but why were the guys all decked out in red tops?! So we asked them, and guess what they’d said?

Apparently, they really did try, but rummages through their wardrobe yielded nothing pink, so they thought they’d just go for the next closest colour. All three of them came to the conclusion that red’s the closest alternative to pink!

Curious about what the rest of our guests wore as their ‘tokens of pinkness’ that afternoon? Here are some pictures.

Pink tee, with pink tote bag!

Scarf with pink stripes!

Love this! Dress with pink floral details, pink bag…

And that’s not all! She’d completed the look with black leggings and pink(!) shoes!

Ahhh… another of our guests had pink footwear as well…

Some focused on their heads!

Yes…!! Headgear, so sporting!! And these gals told us that they’d driven to the event with those uber-cute headband and drivers from other vehicles were honking at them in delight, haha!

Here’s a candy-striped bangle. We’re so happy that everyone’s sporting and game to have fun! Pink is a colour that’s very strongly and closely associated with the Sa Sa brand, and we hope that this focus on the pink colour will also create a positive brand affinity for us^^

Moving on… Know to spot a group of bloggers from a mile away?

Yea, with their cameras (and especially these days, so many of them have gone semi-professional and are strutting everywhere with those cool DSLRs!) So, want to hazard a guess what happens when you let loose a group of bloggers at an event?

Yes! Picture-taking everyone, and everywhere!

There’re more gems of pictures in some other cameras… Hopefully the bloggers will upload them onto Sa Sa’s Fan Photos on FACEBOOK. In fact, quite a few of the bloggers have already blogged about the event, and also uploaded the pictures.

Then… it was time to start the event proper! Tall, dark and handsome Mark was the emcee for that afternoon^^

Shea Li, speaking with our guests about the history of Sa Sa and what we stand for.

Maggie, sharing with everyone about why Sa Sa has decided to go into social media marketing.

Alex, warming everyone up with some ice-breaker activities.

Our guests… looking happy!

Good to see how Alex’s activities had gotten everyone on their feet and talking to one another!

The bloggers were talking to one another about their personal blogging history and experience…

After that ice-breaker, everyone was sufficiently warmed up. Then came the surprise game!

The Sa Sa team had pasted STAR stickers randomly under three of the chairs. Whoever was sitting on those three lucky chairs stood to win one of our STAR products from Suisse Programme!

Ahhh… the three super-lucky bloggers!

Time for tea break!! It was also perfect for the bloggers to mingle and network, and for the Sa Sa team to get to know the bloggers better.

Haha, see that DSLR on the table?

And see who’s taking a picture of the food? It’s really quite fun to see a table of bloggers having a meal together, because everyone would whip out their cameras and start snapping away. If there were non-bloggers at the same table, oops, too bad… you just have to wait till the bloggers are done taking pictures before you can eat.

Another table of bloggers with the Sa Sa team and our special guest from Singapore, Bob.

Bob’s an illustrious professional makeup artist who is also trained in theatrical makeup as well as airbrush makeup. He is also involved in many musical productions and movies over in Singapore. We’d invited him over to conduct a makeup demonstration for our invited guests.

Here’s Bob, weaving his makeup magic on his model, Valerie.

We’d also invited our makeup trainer, Jil, to work on another model, Shu Xin.

Hee, here’s a blogger stealing a shot of another blogger!

After the makeup demonstration, there were more photo-taking opportunities. We know there’re quite many great pictures captured in quite many cameras. Where, where, where…? Share, peeps, share!

And… can you guess what they’re trying to do here?

Haha, they’re trying to do a selca (self-cam) with the fisheye lens! Not bad at all, Feeq!

That about wraps up the afternoon… But before our guests left, they collected their goodie bags, of course. The Sa Sa team sincerely hopes that everyone will enjoy what’s in their bag!

So it’s a wrap! Thank you for ‘tuning in’!

Before we go, just a gentle reminder that other than this blog, you can also find Sa Sa Malaysia on FACEBOOK.COM/SASAMALAYSIA and on TWITTER.COM/SASAMSIA.

Go be our fans and followers for the latest updates in terms of product launches and in-store promotions! And who knows, we could be running yet another online event or blogger activity soon!

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


7 Responses to the full works on that tea session!

  1. stellarvixen on August 11, 2010 at 3:06 PM

    stellar had so much fun ~ so much exposure ~ so much laughters!
    what an privilege to be part of this UH-MAZING blogger TEA EVENT!

    luv the impressive door gifts! i <3 masks masks mask!
    and i totally HEART SASA staff~ fun lively TEAM! hugss

    i'm the blogger with PINK strip scarf~ blackWhite stripe dress!
    cheers to all~!

  2. K on August 11, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    K from dropped by and says hi!

  3. Jess on August 11, 2010 at 6:52 PM

    Hey ! nice post here !! so fun, laughter n cam whore we had there.. hahaha ! Hope to see you guys again..

    I like the body scrub.. smelll so gooddd!! Thanks for being so generous!

  4. Glam Pink on August 12, 2010 at 9:16 AM

    2 thumbs way way up to SASA!!!!
    We all had so much fun till we didn’t realized how time flies to fast..
    Kudos to Sasa on their 1st event ever!!
    I really really <3 <3 <3 the mascara!! and all the goodies in the bag!! It really make my day after being scolded by my boss (he forgot that i applied leave on that day) the next day as i'm still happy and amazed by all those goodies :D
    Hip hip horayyy!!!! to sasa!!!

  5. FeeQ on August 28, 2010 at 12:54 AM

    Yeah! I love Fisheye XP

  6. Sa Sa Malaysia on October 1, 2010 at 3:43 AM

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