What’s in a fragrance…?

August 21, 2010

Hello peeps!!! How’s the Ramadan month coming along?! We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim friends a “Selamat Berpuasa”. To all non-Muslim friends, have a blessed weekend ahead alright?

Today we shall let you in on some info on Fragrance aka Perfume in conjunction with our Colour and Fragrance Fair this year which is coming like REALLLL SOON!!! *screams* It would definitely be an event not to be missed with loadsss of promos, freebies and activities. ;)

So, just what is a fragrance? Most people will just go into our stores to just spray a little bit on the blotters and take a whiff. Responses like “OMG! I love this, it suits me!!” or “Uhhh… not quite” are pretty common. But what’s this little bottle of liquid all about?

Flora by Gucci, Idole by Giorgio Armani, Bellissima by Blumarine, De Bourbon Fleur de Lys by Marina… Perfume galore…!

This little bottle of liquid is made up of essential oils, chemically synthesised esters blended in solvents like alcohol and water. The chemists will have to blend the scents in different proportions to achieve a distinct and alluring scent.

The history of perfume dates back thousands of years, since the Mesopotamian ages. The word “per fumus” in Latin means through smoke. Back then, they used flowers and herbs and mashed them up in a mixing bowl, before boiling them to extract their scent in the very “ulu”(primitive) way. But of course, these perfume were normally used only by the aristocrats and the royalty.

Perfume has been progressing with the technological findings. Perfumery was actually a big industry back in the Renaissance era where art and science were being taken into major consideration. And now it’s so advanced that we can synthesise different scents through the mix and match of esters and different types of alcohols to create this vast pool of perfume choices now.

Quick fun fact: Did you know that the Egyptian soldiers in time of war even carried hanging of the belt a perfumed oil bottle to take care of the hair and the skin of the dryness of the climate? Cool huh?

How the atomizers looked like back in the Victorian era…

So how do you know what sort of perfume suit you best? Well, we all know there’s like hundreds of different perfume from different brands and different scents. Which suits YOU?

Perfume can accentuate the personality in you, so it’s good to portray a persona which you would like to bring out. But how? Basically you can classify scents into a few categories such as floral, woody, watery, oriental, musky etc.

First, you need to the scent you prefer and for what occasion. Whether you like to bring a sporty scent (watery, citrusy) for outdoors or maybe a more classy scent (oriental, musky) for night functions or maybe even a more feminine scent (floral, fruity) for day to day and work purposes.

Secondly (the trickier part), you have to see whether it turns out well on your body. Puzzled? Well, different fragrance smells differently on different people as perfume consist of essential oils which smell different when matched with our own bodily chemistry. It’s like a chemical reaction with different people. So you need to determine how the fragrance suits your body.

Perfume has three sets of notes (similar to the musical notes), making the harmonious scent accord. The notes will slowly unfold in time, with the first impression of the top note (first 5-10 minutes) which is the note that make heads turn and give the “WOW” effect. It slowly unravels stronger and deeper middle notes (after 15 minutes) which is the initial stage of combining the bodily scent with the perfume. Finally, the base notes gradually will be gradually unveiled as the final smell which is when the scent of the perfume and your body merge (usually after 1 hour). These notes are created based on knowledge of the evaporation process of the perfume.

So, with that in mind, you should spray a spritz of perfume on your pulse points (Walk around for about 30 minutes. Then only you can tell whether it suits you or not. Of course, determine which sort of perfume you like first before you do that.

And there you have it! How to select the perfume for YOU! :D

Find the perfect perfume for YOU!!!!

Be back for the next post. ;) It’ll be about the “OSCARS” for perfume.

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


4 Responses to What’s in a fragrance…?

  1. Leanne on August 21, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    yay!! im gonna get some perfume from this perfume galore again! Every year I will buy from sasa when there are some cool promo & disc.!
    i love sasa.

  2. vic ♥ on August 26, 2010 at 4:15 PM

    Hi Leanne! We are very excited with this upcoming Fragrance Fair 2010 as it will be a bit different from the previous Fragrance Fair that we had, with the 3 Colorscentsations =D And thank you so much for your love for Sa Sa. This time, again we have great promos and freebies up for grabs, not to mention a chance to do your bit for charity as well! *hehehe winks*

  3. FiFi… FaFa… SaSa! | on August 27, 2010 at 5:38 PM

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  4. Rayonna on July 26, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    Thanky Thanky for all this good infomriaotn!

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