Guest Reviews Wanted: BeautyFoot

October 1, 2010

First things first, watch this clip…

credit: kuubhawaii @YT

You can also click HERE for a japanese TV program that features this foot product.


With such a name (aka BeautyFoot), we bet most readers can easily guess what this product is all about. Yup, it’s all about your feet!

Having hard, dry and rough soles make you embarrassed to walk with bare feet? Or do you feel shy when you have to remove your shoes when you visit your friend’s home? Then BeautyFoot might just be what you need!

The sole always sustains the whole body weight and this is particularly felt by ladies who usually wear sandals or high heels. The production of thick and hardened layer is due to the lack of moisture in the skin resulting circulatory skin disorder, thus the skin of the sole becomes rough and dry.

There are three very easy step and within two weeks. In fact, many users have sworn that they’ve already seen remarkable results in just five to seven days!

So, what are you waiting for? Say HELLO to smooth and baby-skin feet! We’ve set aside FIVE BeautyFoot full-sized samples for our very first Guest Reviews Campaign. If you’ve a personal blog that’s about beauty, fashion, and the joy and woes of being a woman, and if you’ve been blogging actively for the past six months, then hey, you could be one of the lucky five guest reviewers! Check out the details here!

DURATION: 4th Oct (Mon) to 17th Oct (Sun) 23:59

- Have a personal blog (that’s about fashion, beauty and the joys & woes of being a woman)
- Have been blogging actively for the past six months (at least four posts per month)
- Interested to do a product trial and blog review for BEAUTYFOOT
- Able to pick up the sample from six selected Sa Sa Stores in KLANG VALLEY (from 4th Oct, Mon)
- Able to complete product trial and blog review by 17th Oct (Sun)

Interested peeps, please click HERE to indicate your interest by 3rd Oct (Sun) 23:59. We will pick five lucky readers and notify these readers by 4th Oct (Mon). Updates will be done via our FACEBOOK and TWITTER as well.

Hey, remember what we’d said in the previous post? We need OVERWHELMING RESPONSE so that we can secure more, more and even more product samples for our readers! So flood us with your requests, okie dokie?

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


3 Responses to Guest Reviews Wanted: BeautyFoot

  1. Glo-w on October 1, 2010 at 8:06 AM

    oh I would love to do it! just yday some one said i had HAD HAD!! nice feet -_-” but sadly I’m in Kedah and the closes one is in Sunway Carnival Mall. but i’ll still send in anyasy n try my luck^^

  2. SneakyLily on October 1, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    I’d love to take part! And erm… I think its time my feet had some beautifying o_o

  3. Guest Reviews: BeautyFoot | Sa Sa Malaysia on October 26, 2010 at 6:56 PM

    [...] Yes, it’s me again! I seem to be on a roll today, huh? Well, you know how things are with blogging; some days you just can’t seem to get into the mood (‘Oh, dear blog, I’ve a headache!’) and on other days, you just can’t want to blog more and more and more… No prizes for guessing which mood I’m in today, keke! Anyway, remember we started OUR GUEST REVIEWS CAMPAIGN on 1st Oct? Almost immediately, we kick-started the program by inviting five bloggers to do guest reviews for BEAUTYFOOT. [...]

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