Sa Sa has Turned… ♥33♥

February 19, 2011

Updated 2011.02.20 (Sun) @3:05pm
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Hello, hello, pink peeps!

How has everyone been? It’s been awhile since we last ‘met’, ya? And for the Chinese community, the lunar new year celebration has come to an end officially last night (元宵; fifteenth day of the lunar month). So now, is everyone ready-ready to face the rest of 2011?

Sa Sa definitely is…!

Coz we’re turning ♥33♥ this year!

Like I was saying on FB earlier… ♥33♥ quite a beautiful number, i’ll say… young enough to still be foolish and fearless, and yet old enough to know better ^^ then again, age is really but a number, and what’s more important is how we live life beautifully everyday, day after day~

And as always, we’ll share our happiness and joy with our customers.

For our 33rd Anniversary, the team has come up with marvelous rewards and offers and prizes… Ohhh, fan me, fan me please! The excitement is killing me… almost!

Yes, for some six weeks starting from 18th February to 3rd April, there’ll be endless promotional offers instore! Here’s a quick overview of what’s gonna be happening over six pinkly-happy weeks!


There’re really lots and lots and lots of prizes to be won! We’re doing things a little differently this year, and going all the way to make sure we spread the love.

Does anyone want to hazard a guess how many winners there will be for our 33rd PRETTY IN PINK ANNIVERSARY BEAUTY DIP?

4 7 5.

Nope, I kid you not. We’ve really prepared 475 prizes to be given away. It’s not too often that you see a lucky dip THIS generous, ya? We will have many happy winners! Ahhh… I can almost see their tears of joy already, keke!

And we’re giving away fabulous prizes too! Even the top prize has got THREE winners! Each of them will win a 0.5 carat loose diamond! Other prizes include iPads, iPhones and many, many more. So now, what are you waiting for? Scroll through the offers and go do some shopping at your nearest Sa Sa store pronto!


YAY…! More special offers and deals, and 3 is such a lovely number, so lovely that we’ve even used it to coin the word 3′ple! Haha, is that cute or what…?

The WEEKLY SENSATION will feature different promotions for different products every week, so yea, do check back here for updates every week, okie? Alternatively, go LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE to get yourself updated on the latest of our offers.

And… hee, curious about the PURCHASE WITH PURCHASE (PWP) @RM3.30 and @RM33?

ZZANG…! Here are the PWP @RM3.30!!

and, ZZANG…! Here are the PWP @RM33!!


(* redeemable for your next purchase)

Excited much…?

Sure, you are…!

Even we ourselves think we’re being fantastically generous, and happily so too. That’s not all! There’ll be special offers under the various product categories throughout the six weeks of celebration too! Check ‘em out!

Whoa…! So many promos, so much to type… just when I thought I’ve already finished sharing, there’s more! Yea, the team has also worked hard to bring you more happy news.

Sa Sa has also tied up with the various cards for some joint promotions!

And tourists ‘win’ in this celebration game too! Just show us proof that you’re a tourist in Malaysia, we’ll be more than delighted to play host and give you an extra 5% storewide.

Okie, my fingers are officially tired from sharing sooooo… much happy deals and happy news, so I’ll just let the pictures do all the talking.

Check out the Flipping Book that I’ve specially created for you below, just click on the navigation bar and flip the pages, k?

[book id='3' /]

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


12 Responses to Sa Sa has Turned… ♥33♥

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  5. blissfulmap on March 7, 2011 at 9:22 AM

    i love Natio body scrub, and i will get one @Rm33 this week !!!hehe

  6. bb ♥ on March 7, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    hey blissfulmap,
    we love NATIO products too! thanks for the support~

    the Sa Sa Malaysia online team~

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  8. iris on March 15, 2011 at 10:06 PM

    hey, may i know if i purchase kinohimtsu rm 159.00 +add on product = rm 200.00 .. get voucher ?

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  10. Candice on March 25, 2011 at 8:35 PM

    Just wondering how do I participate in such PRETTY IN PINK ANNIVERSARY BEAUTY DIP? because I didn’t get any contest form from your staff :(

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  12. shevon on April 20, 2011 at 8:26 PM

    may i know when is the 33rd PRETTY IN PINK ANNIVERSARY BEAUTY DIP winners will be reveal? when is the lucky draw been held?

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