[28/02 to 06/03] Weekly Sensation!

March 1, 2011

Hello, hello, pink peeps!

We’re already into the month of March 2011… (GASP!) That’s like the last month of the first quarter for the year…! Don’t you think it’s quite scary how time just races by us? Now before you go thinking we’re all aging and sagging and slowing down and all the negative thoughts, let me stop you right there…!!

I wanna share something personal with you… (looks over my shoulder to check if the boss’ looking… is it alright that I sneak in a personal thought or two occasionally…? think so, keke!) Here, this is something I’ve always believed strongly in, and it’s also something that I personally live by…

Nope, I’m not saying all of you have to act childishly, but I think it’ll be great if we can keep a teeny weeny bit of that inner child in all of us.

Anyway, back to the real world…

As young as we feel inside, there ARE times when our bodies and our faces ‘fail’ us. Times like this, Sa Sa is here to help! Yea, times like this, you CAN turn to Sa Sa and of course, our marvelicious offers to help us look closer to our (younger) mental age.

Did you miss out reading MY BLOG POST ON SA SA’s 33th ANNIVERSARY SALE? Yea, to celebrate our beautiful 33 years, there are great big HUGE(!) offers for practically every part of your body! Let’s work on making ourselves even more beautiful, alrighty?

Remember the Pretty in Pink Anniversary Beauty Dip? Go spend at least RM133 and stand a chance to win one of almost 500 prizes!! Almost too good to be true, right?

And remember our 3′ples Rewards Promotion?

And yes, that’s right… I’m here today to post the Weekly Sensation!!

What are these, you’re asking? Well, for a period of six weeks starting from 18th Feb all the way till 3rd April 2011, Sa Sa will be running Weekly Sensation deals as part of our 33rd Anniversary celebrations! So here are the great deals for the second Weekly Sensation!

Hurry down to ANY SA SA STORES and grab these deals before the week runs out on you.

And of course, there are other promo deals too, like you’ll be entitled to RM30 worth of shopping vouchers if you spend RM300 in a single receipt.

Or, better yet, just buy RM200 worth of fragrance, you’ll be getting your RM30 shopping vouchers even more quickly!

That’s not all, other than the fantabulous offers outlined above and also other great in-store offers, you can also buy some special items at either RM3.30 or RM33.00 if you’ve spent a minimum of RM33 in a single receipt! YAY…!!

Fantastic purchase-with-purchase!

Do check out the Flipping Book that I’ve specially created for you below, just click on the navigation bar and flip the pages, k?

[book id='3' /]

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


One Response to [28/02 to 06/03] Weekly Sensation!

  1. wendy on March 3, 2011 at 2:19 PM

    i got my lennox firm up drink with the heart diamond pendrive.
    i like it so much ! Thanks Sa Sa

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