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March 21, 2011

How are you, pink peeps?

Hope that life’s treating you well.

Now I’m sure many of you have been following the news about the earthquake in Japan, its aftermath and also the nuclear radiation reports. Whilst it’s distressing, heartwrenching and also painful for us to read what’s going on over there, and the Fukushima issue is also worrying, but I also like to believe that it is during times likes this that ordinary beings rise to the occasion. it is times like this when we’ve not much to hang on to except for hope that the human spirit comes alive. It’s wonderful to see how so many have offered help, and I’m talking about the ordinary folks on the streets, how they’ve huddled together to do their part, however little. But in unity, there’s strength.

Anyway, what’s happened has happened, and we can only try to salvage and do the best we can. I came across an article penned by a famous Japanese novelist a couple of days ago. RYU MURAKAMI wrote an article to share his thoughts about the earthquake and it’s entitled, Amid Shortages, a Surplus of Hope.

Personally, I thought it’s a poignantly beautiful piece. A little quiet, and even a little gray, but within those seemingly serene words, I thought I could see a glimmer of flickering light, and of hope.

For me, there are two things that stood out in Murakami san’s passage.

One is, “I will trust the words of better-informed people and organizations, especially scientists, doctors and engineers whom I read online. Their opinions and judgments do not receive wide news coverage. But the information is objective and accurate, and I trust it more than anything else I hear.”

Yes, people, there are so many rumours and stuff floating around, please be wise and choose to believe wisely.

And two, Murakami san wrote, “Ten years ago I wrote a novel in which a middle-school student, delivering a speech before Parliament, says: ‘This country has everything. You can find whatever you want here. The only thing you can’t find is hope.’ One might say the opposite today…”

To read his entire passage, click HERE.

Now moving on to happier and brighter things…

It’s a brand new week yet again! And we’re already into our fifth week of the SA SA 33rd ANNIVERSARY SALE!

Each week brings forth new and exciting deals under our Weekly Sensation! For this week, here are the fantabulous offers!

For this week, we’re featuring products from CAUDALIE!

(Note: Brand images may not necessarily depict the items on offer under Weekly Sensations.)

Amongst the other brands being highlighted this weekincludes the long-established Australian brand NATIO!

Do you remember that we’d previously done an introduction on the brand? To read more about the brand, click HERE.

Meanwhile, stay cool and stay beautiful!

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


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