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April 20, 2011

Hey pink peeps! It’s already the end of the workday for today! And today… is Wednesday, the midpoint of many people’s work week. So I guess some of you could be counting down to weekend already? If you feel that work is suffocating you, hey, fret not and think positive! At least you’ve a job and you’re probably working hard to provide a better life for your loved ones, right?

And… speaking of loved ones, remember we’d run the HUGS & KISSES VALENTINE PHOTO CONTEST awhile back?

Yea, we had invited entries from our customers and from the numerous entries, we’d shortlisted FIFTEEN finalists and uploaded the photos on OUR FACEBOOK PAGE so that our fans could participate in deciding on who the winners would be.

The criteria for selecting the winning photos? Here…

- 50% based on number of LIKES
- 50% by the panel of judges from Sa Sa Malaysia

Online voting (by LIKING) deadline was 31st March and we took sometime to deliberate over the choices and finally…!! We now have the list of winners!!

ZZANG…! the Grand Prize goes to Chai Yu Hui!

“I do love sushi but not as much as I love you ;)
yummy sushi + darling. a kiss and two. Bless :)

I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Loving you forever~
and thanks God sending you to my side,
appreciate you present in my life…. ♥

Each moment is a gift for me (as I still alive and kicking),
especially happy moments in our life….
I’m glad I found you,
coz you make my life so very beautiful. xoxoxoxo

I will treasure the moment with you
just like how I treasure you and care about you….
although there is no perfect life, but we can fill it with perfect moments.
Together we create more lovely moments…. :)

There might be ups and downs in life, but there’d only be ups in our love!”

We got goosebumps just reading that, did you…? We’re definitely very happy for Yu Hui for having found the love of her life! And yea, congrats too, on winning our Grand Prize!

Here’s the First Prize winner, Chai Yu Zhen!

Hey, are these two sisters…? Never mind if they are, since it doesn’t violate the contest rules at all… And here’s the lovely-lovely shot submitted by Yu Zhen!

And yes, it came with a declaration of love too!

“My life now was so happy because of you,
You are so meaningful to me,
And,thanks so much for giving me the lights to lighting my life,
You are the one that only can make me happy,
And,thanks again to you because you become a shoulder to cry on …for me,
Thanks to God because we’re together until today,
My deep heart says i only love you forever and ever….”

And now, the Second Prize! It goes out to Seow Ming Jie!

… having a sweet moment and sunshine smile with my lovely girlfriend in CNY. CHEEEZZZ!!~

We’re also giving away two Consolation Prizes! And the winners are…

Hang Siew Li, who says this of her entry and her loved one:

“Photo taken on my birthday celebration with my love one.
He is the one always there for me when i need him much.
Our love is simple yet happy,
we act like mentor, lover, friends & family when we are together!!”

And our other winner of the Consolation Prizes is Vathani a/p Panirchellvum, who says…

Baby, your hugs and kisses means the world to me.
I’m glad we’ll be spending our lifetime together.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

So there you have it… all of our FIVE(!) winners for Sa Sa’s Hugs & Kisses Valentine Photo Contest! What about the prizes..! Oh, trust me, they’re…. Ohh-La-La fantabulous!


Grand Prize | Chai Yu Hui
Product hamper worth RM800 + Sa Sa Voucher RM400

1st Prize | Chai Yu Zhen
Product hamper worth RM500 + Sa Sa Voucher RM300

2nd Prize | Seow Ming Jie
Product hamper worth RM400 + Sa Sa Voucher RM100

Consolation x 2
Hang Siew Li & Vathani a/p Panirchellvum

Product hamper worth RM200 + Sa Sa Voucher RM50

Did or your friends or any of the entries you were rooting for win…? And, next time don’t just watch the winner win! Come join our contests and be a Ohh-La-La winner yourself, alrighty?

Meanwhile, congratulations from all of us from Sa Sa to the lucky (and now probably very happy too!) winners! Our colleagues will be contacting you via the phone about your prizes.

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


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