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May 18, 2011

It’s Wednesday again!

And whoa, we’ve also crossed the midpoint of the month of May. Won’t be long before we hit the halfway mark of mid 2011; and yup, time to dig out those New Year resolutions that you did some six months ago. It’s review time, keke! Don’t say we didn’t warn you, alrighty? There’s still time, so you can actually start doing something about those half-forgotten resolutions now. You know what they say about better late than never.

Anyway, it’s time for the second instalment of our weekly segment WEDNESDAY FUN!

First things first, before we share today’s WEDNESDAY FUN, we want you to go take out the lipstick that you’re currently using. Remove the cap. Yea, go on, remove it. And now, check out the tip for the shape and ZZANG…!! We’re gonna be telling you what the shape of your (used) lipstick tells about your personality!

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Guest Author – CC – Cathy Crispo


According to Sarah Whittaker – Director of Education for Clinique Canada and Cynthia Christ – Cosmetician and former Makeup Artist for the television show Dallas, the shape of your lipstick can tell you a lot about yourself.

Take the test and see what your lipstick has to tell you!

SLANT (keeps close to the original shape) … This sincere individual is somewhat reserved and a rule-follower. She dislikes attention, adores family and friends and likes a scheduled lifestyle.

SHARP-ANGLED TIP This mover and shaker loves romance, glamour and attention. She’s a high-spirited, outgoing gal who enjoys meeting people but is selective of friends. She knows how to make the most of opportunity when it passes her way.

POINT (sharp angles both sides) … Attracting admirers is no problem for this attention-seeker. This shape is a sign of elegance and good taste and this woman loves all the finer things in life. Count on her being faithful and spiritual.

CONCAVE This inquisitive, restless and adventurous type makes a great detective and attracts friends easily — probably due to her sincerity and generosity. She’s torn between tranquility and adventure, and although exciting, she can also be complex and serious.

FLAT The shape reflects a straight shooter who is determined, ambitious and reliable. She dislikes superficiality, has high morals but she does tend to be a bit impatient.

DULL POINT This lovable, family-oriented woman has a mind of her own and is a doer working best under pressure. She loves having people around, but tends to have a bit of a stubborn streak and exaggerate sometimes.

CURVED Money is the name of the game and this woman manages her finances well. Add to that loving, affectionate, energetic and talkative, plus this creative type tends to be a people-pleaser.

ROUND This methodical, hard worker knows exactly what she wants out of life. She’s even-tempered and makes a good friend because she’s considerate, steady and generous. Count on her to be an animal lover, as well as a peace-maker.

We went to dig out the original article that reported on Sarah Whittaker’s and Cynthia Christ’s findings and found this!

Despite the slightly different phrasing, the general description and profiling of each lipstick personality is about the same. Go check and tell us if you think it’s accurate in your case.

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps

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One Response to Wed Fun | Your Lipstick Personality

  1. wing on May 18, 2011 at 5:44 PM

    from what my lipbalm can tell, i’m the concave type! why lipbalm? bcoz i seldom apply lipstick, where lip gloss is the great replacement to it for me.

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