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May 23, 2011

Yesterday saw the last of our SUMMER SALE, and of course, there’s a new promotion that started at all Sa Sa stores today.

Our current promotion is… ZZANG!! Every Body is Beautiful!! and yes, we mean every BODY ^^

bb ♥

Every Body is Beautiful is an in-store promotion that showcases one of the most established bodycare brands COLLISTAR. Yea, some of you may remember that we had done a guest review for COLLISTAR’s THERMOACTIVE TALASSO SCRUB last October.

Collistar has been the N°1 brand in Italian selective perfumery since 2003, achieving incredible results for the last 6 years as:

* The brand having the most dynamic and balanced range, performing homogeneously with all its lines
* The company with the best rotation and with the lowest stock
* The brand that contributed most significantly to the growth of the perfumery market

Are you now convinced that Collistar is indeed a brand to be trusted?

Seriously, you should try it if you’re wishing for a toned body that’s all firm and supple. After all, this is the brand that sold a million pieces of its slimming scrub in its first year of launch.

bb ♥
Even with the Thermoactive Talasso Scrub that we did the guest review on, we had glowing reviews from the bloggers. See some of the results and feedback below:

* The presence of sea salt in the scrub has an exfoliating effect. 96% of the guest reviewers experienced softer and brighter skin after using the scrub.

* The presence of green tea, ivy, fucus vasciculous, fig shoots and actisculpt have lipolitic effect,and can stimulate the breakdown of accumulated fat. 78% of the guest reviewers reported that their skin became firmer and more toned after using the scrub.

* The presence of essential oils of rosemary and lavender has a revitalizing effect. 80% of the guest reviewers reported that their skin felt more ‘awake’ and that their senses were more energized after using the scrub. In fact, more than half of this 80% stressed that the ‘awake and energized’ effect was very significant.

* The presence of glycerin has a moisturizing and ‘heating’ effect. 100% of the guest reviewers experienced smoother and finer skin after using the scrub. In fact, 74% of the reviewers reported that the effect was very significant.

* An overwhelming 91% of the guest reviewers stated that they would continue using the product.

* Over 95% of the guest reviewers also said that they would happily recommend the product to their friends and/or readers of their blogs.

You can read more reviews and sharing HERE.

Anyway, back to our Every Body is Beautiful, there is an amazing array of Collistar bodycare products to choose from. You can check out all the Collistar offers on FACEBOOK.

That’s not all! For any purchase of these Collistar offers, you can submit your feedback and suggestions and stand to win one of SIX(!) pressies!

So what are you waiting for? Summer’s here already and out comes the swimsuits and skimpier outfits, we need to tone our bodies beautiful~

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


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