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July 27, 2011

Hello hello hello! Did you miss us much?

It’s a wet day in KL today (and also in many parts of Asia apparently… Heard it’s also raining in Singapore and there’re storms in South Korea and the Philippines. Particularly, the downpour was sooooo… serious in the city of Seoul that there were landslides that resulted in fatalities! Anyway, everyone, please take care, whether you’re driving or just out and about (don’t catch a cold, ya?)

Have you been wondeirng what we’ve been up to? Truth be told, it has been a mad, mad, mad few weeks of hectic work.

Other than working out the uber-attractive in-store Mega Carnival Sale deals for everyone, we also have been cracking our heads about what offers to launch every Friday – Sunday. Yes, surely you’ve heard about the WEEKEND SPECIALS? We will have different red hot deals over the three-day weekend throughout the Mega Sale Carnival period, and yup, the deals get updated and are changed every week!

You might wanna know that we post every week’s Weekend Specials on our FACEBOOK MEGA SALE CARNIVAL WEEKEND SPECIALS ALBUM, So be sure you go LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE or go check out the album every Thursday or Friday, alrighty?

And now, it’s midweek… know what this means? It’s time for some Wednesday Fun!

Hee, we’ve decided not to stress you with pop quizzes or questions this week. Instead, we’ll just be sharing some fun updates with you.

Rememeber we launched a nation-wide search for THE CYBER COLORS GLAMOUR GIRL back in May? And we eventually chose 50 to attend OUR AUDITION in June?

We had put up the 20 contestants’ photo profiles on Facebook and invited the public to be a part of the team to shortlist the final 10. Yup, public opinion (in the format of LIKES on our Facebook Page) count for 30% and our professional panel of judges’ scores constitute the remaining 70%.

Surely you’re curious about the 10 finalists for the Cyber Colors Glamour Girl (CCGG), ya? Did the one that you fancy and voted for get into the Top 10? So yea, today’s Wednesday Fun will be just sharing with you who the Top 10 finalists are! Ready…?


So there you have it, the Top 10 finalists for the Cyber Colors Glamour Girl search! Amongst one of these 10 faces, one will be chosen to represent the Cyber Colors brand.

The Top Prize and the other prizess are really really really grand too!

GRAND PRIZE WINNER (Total Prizes Worth Over RM150,000)
1. Cyber Colors (M’sia) Brand Ambassador Title
2. Cyber Colors (M’sia) Brand Ambassador 1-Year Contract
3. Cash prize RM25,000
4. One year’s supply of Cyber Colors products worth RM12,000
5. Appearances in 8TV Quickie
6. Exclusive interview in major Magazines

1. Cyber Colors Products worth RM2,000 for each
2. Sa Sa Cash Vouchers worth RM500 each

1. Cyber Colors Products worth of RM1,500
2. Sa Sa Cash Vouchers worth of RM500

What did we tell you? Mighty attractive, ya?

And we had already notified the Top 10 finalists in early July and invited them to participate in Cyber Colors first ever reality TV show to document the entire journey of how these 10 girls were trained and coached, and yes, tested, and how the panel of judges eventually chose the face that will launch a thousand ships, oopsies, we mean… Cyber Colors products, keke!

Just like that certain super-famous model search show in the USA, our own Top 10 finalists were also arranged to stay together in a swanky apartment in a droolworthy address for almost two weeks. During this time, they had absolutely zero contact with the outside world, and could only focus on receiving training, improving themselves, and preparing themselves to win the title of Cyber Colors Glamour Girl.

These were tasks or what we call challenges along the way and there emerged small wins and all these little, little things all culminate in the grand finale where we saw all 10 girls blossom into beautiful muses.

We kid you not.

There were a few whom we were abit worried about from day one, coz they had seemed quite out of place and completely unsure of what on earth they were doing… but along the way, they learned and they grew and WOW! We couldn’t even recognize them at the finale event!

The wonders of confidence and Cyber Colors makeup!

We will be blogging about these girls’ journey and we will share more with you in the coming weeks. We will also be giving you more details about the program format, the airing dates and all that jazz in the subsequent posts. So hey, you know what you have to do, ya?


And oopsies, almost forgot to unveil the answer to the WEDNESDAY FUN FROM TWO WEEKS AGO. Remember this picture?

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

We were asking you where this picture was taken. Yup, that’s the studio where our Top 10 Cyber Color Glamour Girls were having their photoshoot. We will share with you more about that photoshoot session. That’s one has got plenty of everything, there’s laughter, tears and drama…! Yes, just like on TV, except that this time around, it’s actually real.

Thanks for tuning in, and here are some sneaks for you!

Lights, Camera…. & Action!

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

The day the girls moved in and became housemates!

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

This big contest board took centrestage in the posh apartment where the girls lived for almost two weeks. It was also what greeted them when we unveiled their temporary home for the first time on Day 1. Will share more about that in subsequent posts.

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

And… which brand has helped the girls inch closer towards their Glamour Girl dream?

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

Yes, the same brand that has made the girls look even more beautiful – Cyber Colors.

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


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