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August 21, 2011

Hello everyone!

Remember our Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search? Yup, we had conducted THE AUDITION back in June, and selected the 10 FINALISTS to be part of our first-ever reality TV show.

What are we talking about…? Yes, yes, yes, we’re actually gonna be airing some uber-exciting episodes on national TV to share with you our journey in search of the perfect face that’s perfect for the beauty brand, Cyber Colors!

Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search | The Show

After a stringent first round shortlisting from the hundreds of applications that we had received, we narrowed down to the top 20 finalists. These 20 finalists were then invited to come meet us in the flesh in an audition. Through this audition, we selected the top 10 finalists.

And… these top 10 finalists were asked to live together for a period of some 10 days, yes, under the same roof!! During these 10 days, they were given intensive crash courses on various aspects and also given challenges to complete whereby winners were picked for each of these challenges.

At the end of it all, they went home to prepare somemore from the comfort of their own homes for about a week. Then they were reunited in a grand finale whereby they were to go onstage and strut their stuff to impress our panel of judges that they’re indeed the very face we’re looking for. Yes, a winner would then be chosen to be Cyber Colors‘ brand ambassador a year.

Prizes for the winning contestant were really really impressive, amounting to some RM150,000 (GASP!) Here, check this out~

GRAND PRIZE WINNER (Total Prizes Worth Over RM150,000)

1. Cyber Colors (M’sia) Brand Ambassador Title
2. Cyber Colors (M’sia) Brand Ambassador 1-Year Contract
3. Cash prize RM25,000
4. One year’s supply of Cyber Colors products worth RM12,000
5. Appearances in 8TV Quickie
6. Exclusive interview in major Magazines

The production house is now working on the footages and editing all that we’d filmed into six fantabulous episodes to air on TV! Now I was personally present during the most part of the filming and I ain’t kidding you when I say there’s lots of hard work, giggles, drama and yes, tears during the entire journey. You really really have to watch it, okie?

Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search | The Show

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

TV Station: 8TV

Show Time: 10:30pm – 11:00pm, Sundays

Episode 1 | 2011.09.25, Sun
Episode 2 | 2011.10.02, Sun
Episode 3 | 2011.10.09, Sun
Epispde 4 | 2011.10.16, Sun
Episode 5 | 2011.10.23, Sun
Episode 6 | 2011.10.30, Sun (Grand Finale!)

Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search | The Host

Elaine Daly‘s our host for the show!

This extremely enviable woman of both beauty and brains is a great choice; not only is she experienced with hosting (including reality shows for model searches), her quick wits and straight-talking style bring on some of the best-est effects on the show.

And of course, she’s definitely eye-candy and it’s a great to be watching her fashion, her hair and her makeup on the show. The fact that she’s such a successful and highly sought-after model herself also makes her a role model for our top 10 finalists. There’s plenty for these aspiring talents to learn from Elaine too!

I’d lifted the following introduction paragraph on Elaine from HER OFFCIAL SITE.

Malaysian born beauty Elaine Daly has always had big ambitions. Starting her modelling career at the young age of 14, Elaine showed a maturity and sophistication beyond her years. By age 17 she was a regular feature on Malaysia’s fashion runways and went on to successful fashion and modelling assignments in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. With her distinctive looks and vibrant personality, Elaine stormed the modelling world appearing in countless international and Malaysian press publications and in more than 200 television commercials and advertising campaigns for name brands such as Nescafe, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, SK-II and Castrol, to name a few. In 2003, Elaine was crowned Miss Malaysia Universe, and represented Malaysia at the Miss Universe Pageant in Panama, Central America.

You can read more about Elaine HERE. I had a lot of fun reading her bio and also googling up on this Eurasian beauty. Whoa, what an illustrious career and also what an interesting woman she is! Did you also know that she graduated from law school at the age of 19? Whoa. Whoa again.

You can also check out her Facebook page HERE and follow her on Twitter HERE.

Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search | The Chaperon

As if the show doesn’t have enough glamour factor with Elaine and our top 10 finalists, keke! We had also invited Malaysia’s own Supermodel, Carmen Soo to be the girls’ chaperon! The show’s positively shining and sparkling already… what with all these ultra glamourous and beautiful women on the set all the time!

Carmen’s chaperon role’s actually more like a coach cum ‘big sister’ rolled into one lovely, lovely package. She was on hand to guide the girls in their posing and all that during the photoshoot and TVC filming sessions. And even more importantly, she was present to lend a kind listening ear to the girls when they needed someone to talk to, and she was also there with her warm arms for the girls when they needed a lift.

Hopefully, Carmen’s gentle demeanor and kind manner also etched an impression deep enough for the girls to realise that a supermodel needs not be a diva with lots of air and attitude.

Just like Elaine, Carmen’s career is fascinating to read about too. Not only is she successful in Malaysia, she’s also made a name for herself outside of the country. And mind you, Carmen not only models, she’s also an actress and a singer! You can read all about her on HER OFFICIAL WEBSITE, or visit her FACEBOOK PAGE or check out her TWITTER ACCOUNT.

We’re immensely grateful at the opportunity to be able to work with these two fabulous ladies who have been so successful in their field for so many years. We sure hope our own Cyber Colors Glamour Girl finalists will take a leaf out from their mentors and seniors’ page and attain the same level of success and professionalism in time to come.

We’ll be sharing lots of insider scoop and behind-the-scene stories in the weeks leading up to the airing of the show, Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search. In fact, we’ll probably still be blogging and sharing even as the show goes on air. We hope to have all of your support, alrighty?

Meanwhile, will share some pics as sneaks~

What makeup brand is searching for their Glamour Girl…? Yes, it’s Cyber Colors!

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

ZZANG…!! Showing you the place that will appear pretty often in the show. This is The Lawn, where practically all of the results shows were filmed at.

Remember we were talking about how the 10 finalists were given challenges to work at? At the end of each challenge, a winner would be picked. The Lawn was where the panel of judges would be reviewing and giving critiques of the contestants’ performance.

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

Yup, The Lawn was also where the results of each challenge’s winner were announced.

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia
bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

And… wondering where exactly The Lawn is?

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

That’s where our 10 constestants were staying during the 10 days of super-intensive filming days! They’re staying Parc Seven.

We’re certain most people who are living in KL would know that it’s a high-end luxury residential property. But did you know it’s actually ONE OF THE 10 MOST EXPENSIVE CONDOMINIUM DEVELOPMENTS IN KL?

What’s even lovelier about this place is the privacy. There’s only one unit per floor! Whoa…! We’ll show you more pics in subsequent posts. The unit that the lucky girls were staying in was a relatively high floor one. Believe, you, me… the view’s fantabulous!!

And oh, we’d erected the Cyber Colors Glamour Girl board right in the middle of the living room and this was what greeted our 10 finalists the moment they stepped into the apartment during those 10 days of filming. Guess the board served as a reminder of the mission they were on during those 10 days and how they had to keep focused on the race.

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

Here’s a shot of our finalists entering Parc Seven on Day 1… yes, with all of their barang-barang.

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

Another sneak pic of the girls waiting outside The Lawn. Yup, still with their bags and all since they had not been brought up to their home for the 10 days of filming yet.

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

Wanna know what the girls brought with them for their 10-day ‘adventure’…?

We’ll reveal later… but for now, hee, we just want to share that one of them even brought along her teddy bear! Cute…!

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

Anyway, worry not… the most exciting and interesting parts would not have escaped the filming crew’s eyes. And seriously, the number of staff and the amount of equipment required to film this reality TV show were quite surprising…!

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

But but but, nothing beats the tremendous amount of hard work the entire team had to put in… Nice work, peeps!

We really really really hope that everyone will enjoy the show that we’ve worked so hard to bring to you. Remember to follow the show when it airs on 8TV starting from 25th September 2011, Sunday, okie?

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


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  1. Dare to Dream | Sa Sa Malaysia on September 2, 2011 at 6:34 PM

    [...] to spend with time with the Top 10 girls shortlisted to enter the final (gruelling!) round of the CYBER COLORS GLAMOUR GIRL SEARCH 2011, I jumped at the [...]

  2. hafiz on September 14, 2011 at 2:48 PM

    Saya suka Teddy Bear!!
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Anda Mengalami Masalah Berikut? *kekurangan idea untuk membeli hadiah tersayang? *kesukaran mencari Big Teddy Bear yang besar tapi murah? *susah membawa Big Teddy Bear ini pulang dari kedai ke rumah? sila klik utk penyelesaianya =>

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