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September 2, 2011

I love surrounding myself with younger people. Not only are they more energetic and fun-loving, they have not lost their ability to dream.

It’s almost sad that as we grow older and as we supposedly turn wiser, we become that bit more skeptical and practical. And along the way, many of us even lose our ability to imagine, our ability to create, and our ability to dream.

So back in July, when I had the opportunity to spend with time with the Top 10 girls shortlisted to enter the final (gruelling!) round of the CYBER COLORS GLAMOUR GIRL SEARCH 2011, I jumped at the chance.

What better way to fuel the fire in my belly than to spend time with girls who dare to dream, and girls who dare to dream big at that?

These girls, of all shapes and sizes, of all types of personalities and hailing from different states, are all trying to live their dreams. They all want to put their best faces forward and win the contract to launch their modelling career. Some have been trying for sometime and this ain’t the first time they’ve tried to land themselves in showbiz or modellingbiz; but for yet others, this is their first time.

For those who are trying again and yet again, I applaud them for their steely determination and never-say-die attitude. It’s one thing to have a dream and quite another to dare to make the dream come true, and to try again and again when you’ve failed. How many of us even dare say we have even taken that first step to realize our dream? How many of us just let the dream stay dormant in the deepest of deep recesses in my hearts?

For those who are trying to land a modelling contract for the first time, I want to give them pats on the backs. Kudos for having taken that very first step to inch closer to your dreams. You really never know until you’ve given it a try. If you don’t even try, you can’t even find out if you truly have what it takes to make it. Don’t spend your entire life thinking about what could have been, and eventually regretting not trying.

bb ♥ | Sa Sa Malaysia

I spent days observing these girls.

I saw how they turned from absolutely clueless and even hopelessly helpless into the stronger and more confident selves. It’s near-amazing how much transformation could take place in just a matter of days. The human mind and spirit are wondrous things. If you want something badly enough, and if you skew your entire being, energy and attitude towards attaining that something, you can transform overnight.

It doesn’t take a godzillion years to change yourself. Just change your attitude. become more positive and work hard – seemingly easy enough to do, but harder to persist and sustain.

I witnessed with my own eyes how these almost-fumbling girls blossom into beautiful young ladies. It was a great experience, and definitely an honour to be able to walk alongside these girls as they dare pursue their dreams.

Whilst we cannot play the entire footage for you (airtime’s not cheap, you know, keke!), we can, however, edit the highlights of everyday and let you partake in the journey. Yes, we have edited everything into six delightful episodes and these will start airing on 8TV every Sunday night at 10:30pm from 25th Sep.

Believe me, it’s gonna be a fantabulous show filled with laughter, tears and even drama. Nothing’s staged and what you will watch on this reality TV show really happened, and that’s the essence, and also the beauty, of reality TV shows.

Do you think the crowd favourites will eventually walk away with the Cyber Colors Glamour Girl title? Or do you think there’s a dark horse candidate amongst the girls? Watch the show to find out!

And, if you haven’t yet LIKED the CYBER COLORS’ FACEBOOK PAGE, go LIKE it now to make sure you don’t miss the exciting updates and tidbits from this uber-exciting reality TV show!

Meanwhile, I’ll just leave you with the trailer, enjoy!

TRAILER | Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search 2011

Brought to you by Cyber Colors
Exclusively available at Sa Sa Malaysia

credit: MalSaSa @YT

Real Life, real people.
We are here to search for the first ever Cyber Colors Glamour Girl.

Show Time: 10:30pm – 11:00pm, Sundays | 8TV

Episode 1 | 2011.09.25, Sun
Episode 2 | 2011.10.02, Sun
Episode 3 | 2011.10.09, Sun
Epispde 4 | 2011.10.16, Sun
Episode 5 | 2011.10.23, Sun
Episode 6 | 2011.10.30, Sun (Grand Finale!)

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


2 Responses to Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search | Dare to Dream

  1. Coleny Kok on September 3, 2011 at 12:10 PM

    Hi, I would like to know that how can i watch the previous episode cause i had missed to watch on the TV…

  2. bb ♥ on September 6, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    @Coleny Kok,
    hey, the Cyber Colors Glamour Girl search reality TV show will start airing on 8TV every Sunday night at 10:30pm… from 25th Sep 2011 ^^

    so we actually have not started broadcast ^^

    and oh, for your easy reference, we’ve just added a countdown counter on the left sidebar of our blog. hope that can help you remember to tune in ^^

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