Launching… Capri Makeup by Collistar

April 18, 2012

What did we tell you yesterday?

That we would be back here blogging with a higher frequency, ya? So yea, we’re back again this soon. Have you gone to check out the MASK KINGDOM at our Sa Sa stores already?

What?! Not yet?!! Oh well, we’re gonna give you one more reason to visit any of our Sa Sa stores soon.


Collistar has been the N°1 brand in Italian selective perfumery since 2003.

It has achieved impressive and incredible results for years, such as:

- The brand with the most dynamic and balanced range, performing homogeneously with all its lines;
- The company with the best rotation and with the lowest stock;
- The brand that contributed most significantly to the growth of the perfumery market
(in Europe, especially Italy)

Collistar offers a variety of beauty products, from skincare to makeup to bodcare products. In particular, many women the world over have benefitted from Collistar’s many ingenious body slimming and sculpting products. Did you know that one of its body scrubs even sold a million jars in its first year of launch (GASP!)?

You can click HERE to read more about what we’d blogged about Collistar in the past.

Since launching Collistar in Sa Sa Malaysia a couple of years back, we’ve been receiving fabulous feedback about the brand and its stable of products. So… ZZANG!! We’re now bringing you even more great products from this leading Italian beauty brand!

YAY! We’re launching Collistar Makeup!!

Sa Sa Malaysia ♥


Well, these are obviously cosmetics made in Italy. Collistar Makeup offers highly fashionable products which ensure the perfect look and provide unbeatable beauty care. Rich, very pure and highly eudermic ingredients are used to reach the light textures, original colours and the long-lasting effect of Collistar make-up.

The latest makeup collection launched by Collistar is the Capri Spring Summer Collection.

Here’s a short video shared on COLLISTAR’s OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL



Of course, when it comes to makeup, nothing beats seeing and playing with the actual items, right?

So… in order to launch this mighty exciting collection and also to share with more pink peeps how to create a memorable spring/summer look, we’re now having a Collistar Beauty Roadshow!!

Yes, this is held in conjunction with MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL’s FASHION WEEK and Collistar roadshow will be happening from 18th to 22nd April 2012 (Wed – Sun).

Sa Sa Malaysia ♥


Just for this Collistar Capri Spring Summer Collection launch and roadshow. we’ve specially flown in Mr Patrick Havegheer from Collistar to grace the occasion.

Patrick is born in Belgium near the Flemish town of Bruges and has French and Dutch ancestries. After studying languages and fashion free spirited Patrick decided to move to Milan, Italy attracted by the glamour of one of the capitals of fashion and beauty.

Initially mostly interested in learning Italian, Patrick started organizing events and parties where he picked up his passion and love for makeup, using his drawing skills to perform the makeovers necessary to complete the looks requested for such happenings and events.

Already working internationally in this field, after just a few years, Patrick was offered the position of international makeup artist and trainer by Versace makeup to work on a global scale.

Being a keen traveler, this was Patrick’s dream job as it would bring him in contact with many diverse cultures and very often work brought him to Asia where he decided to live and work over eight years ago, accepting the position of trainer and makeup artist for YSL Asia.

Collaboration with Collistar started In 2011 and since this is a high quality complete range from makeup to body care, Patrick took the opportunity to expand his horizons. So yea, that’s where we are now…

Todate, Patrick’s beautiful and unforgettable work has graced the pages of renowned magazines such as Elle, Harpers bazaar, Cosmopolitan just to name a few.

Currently traveling around the world and based in Hong Kong, Patrick has a huge background and extensive experience in makeup application on Asian faces and hear this, Patrick will give you an experience and a look you (nor the people around you) will easily forget.


Since it’s Fashion Week at MidValley Megamall, we’ll also be presenting a makeup demonstration onstage on 21st April 2012 (Sat) at 8:15.

Be sure you’re there to catch the makeup guru in action! You may click HERE to check out the rest of the happenings during Fashion Week.

MidValley Megamall

If you can’t be there in the evening, Patrick will also be appearing at the Collistar Beauty Roadshow in the afternoon at 2pm on Saturday (21st April 2012).

He will be doing a makeup with the Capri Spring Summer Collection on our lucky shopper!


Here’s a sneak preview of the Capri Spring Summer Collection by Collistar!

Sa Sa Malaysia ♥

Now we strongly strongly strongly… (get the message yet? keke!) encourage all of you pink peeps to make your way down to the Collistar Beauty Roadshow at MidValley Megamall anytime from today till Sunday.

… Coz not only do we have the fabulous makeup items on display and the makeup guru on hand on Saturday, we’ve also put up some amazing deals with you! There’s lots of giveaways with purchases, so whatever you do, don’t miss out, k?

And oh, remember… Collistar is exclusively available only at Sa Sa stores.

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


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