Dynastie Mademoiselle… Scent of a Princess

August 16, 2012

Want to smell like a princess? We’ve something fabulously royal to recommend to you, and what’s more, it’s also a floral-fruity perfume that wears well in our climate!

ZZANG!! Introducing Dynastie Mademoiselle from Princesse Marina de Bourbon!


Dynastie Mademoiselle is a delicious floral fruity fragrance that’s built on an amazing blend of trendy and alluring notes.

Imagined like a jewel, Dynastie Mademoiselle is a royal delight for senses!


An exquisite and colorful top note of sparkling mandarin, fresh blackcurrant and juicy pear, expressing a radiant and youthful femininity.

In the heart, a balanced combination of rich and sensual white flowers, as orange flower and tuberose married to some fresh delicate peony and transparent lotus flower. A divine floralcy that brings an elegant facet to the fragrance.

A creation wrapped into a warm ambery drydown, associated to musk and cedarwood for more distinction, revealing sensuality and sophistication.

Dynastie Mademoiselle is resolutely a pure concentrate of modern femininity, as the fragrance takes you to the very glamorous and majestic world of eternal dynasties…


A soft and sensual sculpture as a cushion silk, trimmed with pearls coming from the East, on which rested the Bourbon Crown. The one of the Royal highnesses. The cap represents this fine chiselled crown set with pearls and precious stones.


Princesse Marina de Bourbon is a French perfume house founded by Marina Gacry, whose husband is Prince André of Bourbon-Parma, a member of the ancient Bourbon of Parma Dynasty whose members ruled over France, Navarre, the Kingdom of Naples, the Duchy of Parma and still to this day over the throne of Spain.

Marina Gacry was born on September 5—the same birthday as Louis XIV. Surviving a difficult childhood, she would become in just a few years a very pretty young woman, determined to succeed and hungry for knowledge. In order to finance her studies, she accepted a position under the famous hairdresser Alexandre de Paris, becoming his main assistant.

As assistant to one of the most prominent hairstylists in Paris, Marina rubbed elbows with some of Europe’s wealthiest, most powerful and famous names. Having conquered this social circle with her charm and intelligence, she was invited to St. Tropez. While living there, she met her Prince: André of the Bourbon of Parma Family. Together they returned to Paris and were eventually married in 1960.

Shortly after her marriage, Marina began her career as an Interior Designer, providing her clients with art objects for their homes and offices. Celebrities and European aristocrats relied on her for her impeccable taste.

Longing for a new creative outlet, Princesse Marina wished to create perfume and signed a license with Gilles Pommereau. To support her new venture, she opened her concept store in Paris, on the Boulevard de Courcelles, known throughout the world for its eclectic objects of decor and clothing lines.

The Princesse can often be found in residence at the boutique, where she is happy to present her perfume line, along with other luxury products. Many fragrances in the line refer to royalty and elite status. Others pay homage to her French heritage. The first fragrance, women’s scent Marina de Bourbon, was launched in 1994.

Designer Princesse Marina De Bourbon has 27 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1994 and Dynastie Mademoiselle is one of the latest fragrances to be launched recently.

And now, here’s a video showcasing this royal brand and the clip also shows some of the processes of creating and launching the wonderful scents that Marina de Bourbon has created.


Incidentally, Dynastie Mademoiselle is also included as one of the final nominees in the Best Women’s Fragrance in this year’s ANNUAL FRAGRANCE FAIR & AWARDS! Do check it out and vote for your fave
fragrances HERE.

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


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