TOUS Sensual Touch… Sensuality Becomes Perfume

August 21, 2012

It is impossible to put into words
a spirit that is so… wild!

She is… everything.
She is a goddess,
whose seduction is born of playfulness and boldness,
leaving no one unaffected.

The potion of sensuality
that is her fragrance makes her powerful.

TOUS’ Spring 2012 Launch | Sensual Touch

credit: MALSASA @YT

Sensuality becomes perfume.

TOUS launches TOUS Sensual Touch in the spring of 2012, a follow-up to the original Touch perfume that was launched back in 2006.

This sensuous scene is a floriental fragrance created by Veronique Nyberg.

Veronique Nyberg is renowned guru in the fragrance industry; her ‘nose’ and experience have helped many established brands create unforgettable scents for men and women the world over. Through the years, she has worked with brands such as Emanuel Ungaro, Lancome and Moschino, and others.

A abit more about TOUS, the fashion house behind Sensual Touch.

TOUS is a highly established Spanish fashion brand that started out making watches and has since then expanded its business to jewellery, accessories (mainly leather bags and other small leather goods) and fragrances. In Spain, it has over 120 sales points and globally, it has over 180 retail points.

Now back to TOUS Sensual Touch. Ready?


The sound of its name preludes her arrival.
After HER, nothing will be the same.

TOUS Sensual Touch: Sensuality becomes perfume.


When she walks into a room, she is the center of attention, turning heads, and she knows it. The potion of sensuality that is her fragrance makes her powerful.


The TOUS Touch bottle becomes more sensual thanks to its fine details and color. The smooth irregular shaped bottle takes on a delicate pink hue. The yellow gold cap becomes pink gold, one of the precious noble metals that TOUS works masterfully with.

The seduction and elegance are revealed in the silk string from which the little bear hangs; a metaphor for the fragrance’s sensuality on her neck.


Star-like top notes with flashes of Pink Grapefruit, Violet Leaves, and Berries as red as her lips.

Floral harmony triumphs in the heart with glamorous Sambac Jasmine, Tiare and ‘Sunset’ Orchid.

In its bottom notes, the powerfully seductive Patchouli and the sensual harmony of Vanilla accompany the playfulness of Siam Benzoin.

Olfactory Family:
Floriental – Woody

if you haven’t had experience the potent sensuality of TOUS Sensual Touch, do check it out at YOUR NEAREST SA SA STORE today!

During this period, we’re also offering special prices for this perfume!

The 30ml TOUS Sensual Touch is going for RM135 (Usual RM150), and we’ll also be giving away a free TOUS Vanity Bag for every purchase of a 30ml TOUS Sensual Touch. If you’re interested in the 50ml bottle, then you’ll be happy it’s now going for RM198 (Usual RM220), and you will get a super duper nice TOUS Key Ring too!

And oh, TOUS Sensual Touch is also included as one of the final nominees in SA SA’s ANNUAL FRAGRANCE FAIR & AWARDS. It’s nominated in the Best Women’s Fragrance.

If you haven’t already voted, check it out HERE! Remember, you will receive a RM20 rebate voucher every time you vote! You use the rebate voucher on any of the nominated fragrances.

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


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