BRTC’s Blemish Line for Troubled Skin

November 15, 2012

We’re fairly sure most of you would have seen, or at least heard of, BRTC, the well-known medical beauty expert that originated from South Korea.

Well, we say we’re fairly sure you’ve heard of BRTC because it’s actually the first company to introduce BLEMISH BALM (BB CREAM) to Korea! Not only that, BRTC had upgraded the humble BB Cream into what it is today, the multi-functional BB Cream, leading to a craze of BB Cream what’s spread worldwide.

Even today, its hero product, the BRTC Multi-Functional BB Cream, is still what many Asian women reach for when they apply their makeup every morning.

But other than its hero product, the BB Cream, BRTC actually has a lot more to offer to the world. Today, we will unravel all of it as we share with you what the brand is all about, and also to highlight one of its various skincare lines, the Blemish line.


First things first, BRTC stands for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic.

And what exactly is BRTC in layman’s terms?
To put it simply, BRTC is

‘Skincare that Works… Botanically.’

Started in South Korea back in 2006, BRTC is a COSMECEUTICAL BRAND that aims to optimize the efficiency of skincare with natural botanical ingredients. Its objective is to provide functional aesthetic skincare that includes holistic preventative and treatments to address many common skin problems. It has various skincare lines to target different skin conditions and problems.

Over the years, BRTC has won much accolade and praises from both the trade and also consumers. Here, check out the various awards the brand has garnered so far.


Noticed that the BRTC logo is blue? In fact, if you would refer to the brand’s marketing collaterals and other branding elements, you will notice that there’s a lot of blue.

Nope, it’s not because the founder’s favourite colour is blue. Nope, it’s also not because blue has a calming effect on people and they want you to be calm when examining their products.

There’s a perfectly good reason for the blue, and in fact, we think it makes a fantastic story for the brand! You see, it’s all about BRTC‘s use of the blue science, whereby they harness everything good from a group of blue flowers to bring you the blue power via the Blue Complex‘!

Blue Power That Changes Your Skin!

BRTC’s soothing patented component ‘Blue Complex’ comes from blue flowers such as Lavender, Chamomile, Corn flower and Borage. This Blue Complex is the basic foundation of all of BRTC‘s skincare range.

Basically, BRTC has developed a unique component from extracts of a cluster of blue flowers and has patented it too. This Blue Complex is the ‘magical’ ingredient that goes into practically all of BRTC‘s skincare products.

This Blue Complex is sometimes referred to as the Miracle Blue too, as it’s extremely effective in building up the defense system of our skin and thereby allowing our skin conditions to improve. It’s perfect for all skin, and even more perfect for sensitive skin as the Blue Complex has been researched and proven to sooth sensitive skin.

BRTC‘s skincare products are especially suitable for people with sensitive skin, or have skin that is easily ‘irritated’, or even skin with acne problems or other skin troubles. The Blue Complex contains antioxidant and also has an instant soothing effect on the skin.


Amazing Healing Power from Blue Flower,
Queen of the Herbs, Lavender!

French Chemist, Rene Maurice Gattefoss burned his hand during an experiment in his lab, and when he got his hands burnt, he put his hands instantly into the lavender extract. Later, he found that his burnt hands healed quickly without scarring, pain or blisters.
This became the opportunity for the world to know about lavender’s healing power although it’s been used as a home remedy for a long time already due to its excellent soothing and healing properties. BRTC has gathered these blue-coloured flowers with soothing and healing power and ‘grafted’ it to cosmetics and skincare, to sooth and ease the irritation to sensitive skin.

Outstanding Soothing Effect of Blue flowers;
Controls Sensitive Skin!

Ancient Romans used lavender for its excellent detox effect, such as adding lavender in their bathing water or for cleaning wounds. In fact, a word of its origin in Latin ‘Lavare’ means to ‘Wash’.
BRTC contains patented blue flowers’ formula which includes lavender and other blue flowers, to activate growth in new cells, and for sebum control effect which works for all type of skin. Further, this patented Blue Complex also shows outstanding effectiveness as an antioxidant, and can also address skin problems such as dehydration.

Blue Flowers’ Special Defensive Power
Takes Preventive Action Against Skin Damage!

Active ingredients from the plant extracts stand at the core in terms of a plant’s vitality to deliver physiological function and information like hormones, and also for self-protection mechanism against infection or harmful insects, as well as for adapting to stressful environment such as UV and the winds

BRTC developed the plant patented formula Blue Complex which encapsulates the outstanding defending power from blue flowers to help the skin to respond actively and defend itself against harmful elements from the environment.


Professional line for trouble skin

The Blemish line consists of skincare products that you can use with ease at home, but as the efficacy of professional products. This line has two patented ingredients, the Blue Complex and the Blemish Complex, that are very special and unique, and of course, highly effective in tackling the acne issue and also in improving the skin appearance.

The line consists of a plentiful amount of the Blue Complex, which is extremely efficient to sooth trouble skin and also has a moisturizing effect so that your skin does not get dehydrated.

The Blue Complex includes a calming and soothing cosmetic composition with strong antioxidant ability. Also, it is effective in improving dry skin, addressing loss of elasticity and is safe to use on sensitive skin too.

Further, the Blemish line of products also contains the patented Blemish Complex which has anti-acne properties and also work on improving your skin.

The Blemish Complex includes a low-sensation (i.e. non-irritating on the skin) patented composition such as the silver magnolia, camellia japonica, grapefruit seed, ginger root, phellodendron amurense ruprecht extracted from natural plant. it is highly effective in preventing acne bacteria and works excellently to improve and clear up skin that has been plagued with acne.


People with acne tend to have oily skin; this means there is excessive secretion of sebum. However, we have to be careful not to use products that are too strong and end up drying up our skin. Remember this, oily skin simply means you’ve too much sebum (oil), and it doesn’t mean you don’t mean water in your skin. Oil and water are two different things altogether.

The condition of not having enough water/moisture in your skin is termed dehydration. The more dehydrated (i.e, lacking in water/moisture) your skin is, the more it will secrete sebum and it can aggravate your acne problems. So it’s important to select skincare products that help manage the sebum secretion and at the same time, hydrate your skin.

(You can read more about oily skin HERE.)

Here are some before and after photos of people who have used the BRTC products on their troubled skin. Do note that these photos are for illustration purposes only, and actual results would differ from person to person.

The Blemish Line by BRTC has a very comprehensive of products that can help you improve your skin condition if you’ve acne problems. From toner, moisturizer, serum, potion, mist… to sun protection, BRTC basically have you covered.

One last note before we end off this post, BRTC has also proven itself as one of the most trusted brands in the eyes of pharmacists since the experts are familiar with the properties of the ingredients and they have also witnessed success stories from people who have used BRTC products.

Do check out the BRTC products at YOUR NEAREST SA SA STORE.

Yours in Pink,
The Shiny Happy Peeps


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