Introducing… Tri-Aktiline™ PLUS Deep Wrinkle Filler + Firming Concentrate

March 11, 2013

    What if TRI-AKTILINE™ could do even more and feel even better?

    Would you be interested in achieving improved results?

    There are so many things in our world that get better with time. The older we get, the more we learn and the more sophisticated we become, and the ingredient technologies in GoodSkin Lab’s products are no exception.

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    NEW TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS Deep Wrinkle Filler + Firming Concentrate

    TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS Deep Wrinkle Filler + Firming Concentrate instantly fill lines and wrinkles just like Tri-Aktiline™ Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler but with improved texture AND the enhancement of firming ingredients.

    This new and improved targeted deep wrinkle filler takes a multi-pronged approach to reducing the appearance of visible fine lines and deep-set wrinkles by immediately filling, blurring and tightening the treated area as it plumps, lifts and firms skin over time.

    Plus, we’ve improved the spackle-like formula of Tri-Aktiline™ Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler by infusing it with the latest in skin firming technology .

    We’ve learned that all wrinkles are not created equal. Some wrinkles are formed by repetitive movement while others are due to skin’s underlying structure that becomes compromised.

    This happens over time, when skin becomes less able to resist daily attacks and thus results in the loss of firmness and elasticity. These lines and wrinkles are actually folds in the skin and are best addressed not only by FILLING the area but by FIRMING the area around it.

    NEW TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler + Firming Concentrate still fills lines and wrinkles to reduce their appearance, but TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS also helps to plump the skin around these lines and wrinkles with NEW state-of-the-art ingredients designed to firm skin overtime.


    • Fills and blurs fine lines and wrinkles on contact; virtually eliminating their appearance

    • Tightens skin to visibly and immediately reduce wrinkle depth

    • Plumps wrinkles from the “inside out” for visibly smoother skin

    • Firms skin over time by stimulating natural collagen production to repair and rebuild skin’s internal structure

    • Helps perfect the look of skin

    • Blends easily with a non-whitening, long-wearing texture


    Instant Effects

    • Spherical Powders fill wrinkles instantly

    • Polymer Network instantly tightens the skin for a visible reduction in wrinkle depth

    • Nyloblend™ uses soft focus technology to perfect skin’s appearance – virtually eliminating the look of wrinkles before your eyes

    Long-term benefits

    • Promolift™ delivers improved firming benefits;

    • Phytomatrix 100 helps repair skin by stimulating natural collagen production to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles;

    • Tea Extract works to plump wrinkles from the inside out to help smooth their appearance.

    Clinical & Sensory Test Results

    100% demonstrated an improvement in lines and wrinkles.

    89% demonstrated significant improvement in firming and lifting.

    49% visible reduction in length and depth of lines and wrinkles.

    Since TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS Deep Wrinkle Filler + Firming Concentrate instantly targets the 3 main expression lines:

    • the frown lines on the forehead and between the brows;
    • the laugh lines around the eyes;
    • the smile lines around the mouth area,

    The best place to demonstrate TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS Deep Wrinkle Filler + Firming Concentrate is directly to those 3 areas of the face. Offer to help your customer erase any lines or wrinkles she may have! Be sure to teach you customer how to use TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS.


    After cleansing, lightly tap a small amount of TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS Deep Wrinkle Filler + Firming Concentrate directly into deep wrinkles on forehead, between brows, under eye area and around the mouth until lines are filled in.

    Let set 3 minutes before applying serum, moisturizer and makeup.

    Use morning and night.

    And remember, it can be reapplied over make-up throughout the day for an instant touch-up.

    Yours in Pink,
    The Shiny Happy Peeps

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