August 29, 2013

Get Rid of Puffy Eye Bags in just Weeks!

Eyetuck can help you reduce under-eye bags without surgery! Containing Eyeseryl, a tetra peptide, this cosmeceuticals strength formula has been designed to painlessly reduce the appearance of puffy eye bags in just weeks. Eyetuck will the area under your eyes a smoother, tighter appearance, whilst also conditioning and moisturizing the delicate eye area.

Directions for use:
Thoroughly clean your face and pat dry. Apply sparingly underneath to the affected areas starting at the inside corner patting outwards.

1. Why do I have puffy eye bags?
One of the main reasons a person suffers with under-eye bags is due to water pooling in this area.

2. How does Eyetuck work?
Eyetuck contains a proprietary ingredient ‘Eyeseryl’ that helps under-eye bags by visibly reducing pooled water in the under-eye area. Tests on Eyeseryl were performed on female volunteers to assess its effect on skin smoothness, puffiness, and the appearance of congestion. Skin moisturisation was measured with a corneometer and skin elasticity was measured with an elastometer.

Both moisturisation and the appearance of elasticity were seen to increase whilst the appearance of puffy under-eye bags was shown to decrease in 95% of the volunteers.

3. Will Eyetuck help reduce the dark circles under my eyes?
No. Eyetuck has been specifically engineered to help with the appearance and texture of puffy eyes by making them appear visibly decongested. Dark circles are caused by capillaries or pigmentation in the skin – if you have dark circles you may wish to try a product Eyecircle which has been specifically designed to help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

4. How long do I need to use Eyetuck before I see results?
In tests 95% of volunteers achieved the optimal desired result after 60 days of applying the cream twice a day. A visible improvement should be apparent in as little as 15 days.

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