Reminiscence of Collistar 90 Days Shape Up, Get Fit & Have Fun Challenge

March 17, 2014

Sa Sa together with Collistar; the absolute leader in anti-cellulite products created a 90-day holistic body program which gives participants an incentive to shape up through the use of Collistar body care products and a recommended regime.

A total of 27 participants joined the program and guided by Sa Sa Senior Training Manager, Ms Stephanie Song.

The program is divided into 4 workshops, focusing on different process in shaping up for a toned physique.

19.10.2013 | Workshop 1: Exfoliation & Cellulite Softening
Exfoliation is needed to remove dead cell to ensure effective absorption of product usage. Cellulites are stubborn fats and it must be soften before starting the shape up process for body.

16.11.2013 | Workshop 2: Fat Burning & Slimming
After softening of the cellulite, it is now easier to burn those stubborn fats and this is the most crucial stage to shape up.

14.12.2013 | Workshop 3: Tone, Firm & Shape Sculpting
As the fats are burned, the next regime is to tone and firm up loosen tissue to achieve a more sculptured body shape.

11.01.2014 | Workshop 4: Bust Firming & Volumizing
To boost the volume of to gain firmness of the bust for a more define sculptured body shape depending on different individual preference.

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