Introducing… GoodSkin Labs PORE-365™ All Over Pore Reducing Serum

April 27, 2014

As we age, pores can become more noticeable, due to sagging and stretching from oil, dirt and product buildup along with a loss of elasticity, causing you a dull, uneven and older-looking appearance. Treat your way to smooth, radiant, pore-less-looking skin with GoodSkin Labs PORE-365™ All Over Pore Reducing Serum which help to minimize oil and tighten the look of skin to visibly reduce pore size over time.

“Despite their important function in the skin, pores, and their potential to become enlarged over time, continues to be a major cosmetic concern in my practice and throughout the world. Resulting from a combination of environmental stressors, loss of skin elasticity and excess oil production, enlarged pores can also be more of a concern in certain populations, particularly in Asia, says Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, GoodSkin Labs Global Dermatologist. “Following the great success of Z-PORE™, GoodSkin Labs goes beyond the original spot treatment formula to address pores throughout the face with PORE-365™. With a formula that can be used all over, PORE-365™ continues the GoodSkin Labs tradition of promoting long term visible benefits while giving consumers immediate cosmetic results!”

With highly effective ingredients, the lightweight and oil-free formula provides a multitude of benefits for skin that include moisturization, lifting, smoothing and refining. With continued use, pores appear smaller and tighter. A special blend of optics and proteins absorb excess oil and blur look of pores; while gentle exfoliators clear away blackheads, dirt and oil that clog and stretch pores. The formula, with a complex of vitamins and plant extracts, also helps visibly tighten the pore structure. Pores appear less visible and reduced over time.

• Clinically proven to immediately help reduce the appearance of pores
• Helps minimize the look of sagging pores and balance oil making pores less visible over time

Clinical Study Results
• 30% of women demonstrated a visibly reduction in pore size

After 4 Weeks:
• 63% of women demonstrated a visible reduction in pore size
• 42% of women demonstrated a reduction in blackheads

Sensory Study Results
88% of women reported skin appeared matte

After 2 Weeks
94% of women reported skin looked smoother
86% of women reported a flawless look to pores

After 4 Weeks
80% of women reported significant reduced appearance of pores
96% of women reported skin felt more moisturized
88% of women reported maintained clear look to skin


For best results, gently apply over clean face and neck, morning and night. Let set and follow with moisturizer. PORE-365™ can be worn under makeup, or alone for natural, matte, refined skin.

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